Fusion Group

Fusion Group is a globally operating service provider, committed to designing and delivering solutions in the areas of consulting, digital media, and digital health. We support our clients with our experienced people, working together to enable them to achieve and exceed their defined goals. It is our ambition to achieve global reach and service delivery excellence while keeping our structures and processes lean.

Our service areas are grouped into three divisions: Consulting, Media, and Health. We have a Swiss heritage and an international footprint.
Explore the Fusion way.

Fusion Consulting

Your flexible and reliable partner for successful project completion in the areas of management and IT consulting. Benefit from our experience, our commitment, and our outstanding workforce that we provide in conjunction with our prime cooperation partners. Explore Fusion consulting services.


Fusion Media

Fusion Media is your partner for innovative digital solutions in media, retail, and entertainment. Maximize your profits, gain control over your content, increase your market share, and become a leader in innovation. Explore Fusion media solutions.


Fusion Health

Individually tailored, holistic digital health solutions that increase efficiency, drive cost reductions, and improve patient health are the mission of our Health division. We deliver integrated hospital solutions, digital health applications, and patient health solutions. Explore Fusion health solutions.


The Fusion story so far

  1. 2015

    Foundation of
    Fusion Consulting Germany

  2. 2014

    Integration of new business divisions: Fusion Media and Fusion Health Opening of Fusion offices in Portugal and the USA

  3. 2013

    Acquisition of
    key cooperation partners

  4. 2012

    Foundation and ramp-up of
    Fusion Consulting Switzerland

Our headquarters

Next to our management team for our headquarter in Zug and the two offices in Portugal and the USA, we have a team in place that consists of internal as well as external workforce. Depending on the project/initiative we form the perfect team of international experts.


Fusion Consulting GmbH
Sumpfstrasse 26
Postfach 947
6301 Zug

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Fusion Consulting (Germany) GmbH
Krenkelstraße 3
01309 Dresden

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Fusion Health Technology Solutions Portugal, Unipessoal Lda
Rua Jorge Barradas, n°33, 1°A
1500 369 Benfica Lisboa

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Fusion Consulting LLC
108 West 13th Street
19801 Delaware

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